Documentary photos, feature videos, drone 4K footage, interviews, corporate portraits.

Tokyo: +81-90-7170-0941

Prague: +420-603-553-403

What I do

Company strategy

My company helps to find the best solutions for photo/video projects in Japan and other Asian countries.

Personally, I am based in Tokyo, but ready to go other Asian countries for an assignment. I work alone for editorial clients or with help of my trusted team for commercial clients ( make-up/hair artist, stylist, lighting assistants, location producer, transportation ).

For video I offer the newest drone Phantom 4 ( 4K video), Ronin - 3 axis camera stabiliser, as a great way to produce steady footage of moving objects.

Cooperating with my colleges, we are able to managed middle budget documentary movies, promotion videos or any kind of photo shoot.

We can also help to scout locations, rent gears for studio or location shoots.

We are bilingual and speak English and Japanese.

We always try to find the best solution for our clients' projects at reasonable cost, regardless whether it is in Japan or in other Asian countries.

The best possible quality is our trademark.

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